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KARATE: The "Murderers" of World Karate must Pay!!!

Πρώτη δημοσίευση 15/9/2005


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Athens - 15/09/05.

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George Yerolimpos:
The "Murderer"
of World Karate!


The "murderers" of Karate George Yerolimpos and Jacques Delcourt, of WUKO chairman until 1994 .

In October 1993 the 101 Session of IOC in Monte Carlo gave the two world federations, WUKO (World Union of Karate-do Organizations, of "technical" Karate), and ITKF (International Traditional Karate Federation, of "traditional" Karate)  a draft of statute, so that they fuse into one federation, the WKF  (World Karate Federation,  with one branch of technical karate of WUKO and another branch the traditional karate of ITKF), so that Karate enters in the Olympic Games.

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The "door" of Olympic Family has been opened for Karate and was left to do ONE step!!! If the step was done then, Karate would be in the Olympic Games of Athens in 2004.


Having knowledge of this draft of IOC two years earlier (1991), the two "murderers" of Karate Jacques Delcourt (French, chairman of  WUKO) and George Yerolimpos (Greek, member of  DC of  WUKO) put in action an unprecedented in duration and extent plan of athletic fraud in order to seize the legal rights of ITKF on the Traditional Karate: they renamed WUKO  into WKF claiming that this  WKF covers both  kinds of Karate.

The same plan was put in action by the distinguished for his frauds in the sector of sports inside Greece George Yerolimpos in order his federation HAKF, member of WUKO, seizes the legal rights of Traditional Karate from the Greek TKF, member of ITKF. In Greece George Yerolimpos and HAKF lost in all courts (even in front of the Supreme Court) from Thimios Persidis, president of GTKF, and GTKF despite of the powerful economic and political leverages they had inside and outside of the General Secretariat of Sports and Greek Olympic Committee!



The "murderer" of Karate Antonio Espinos Ortoueta,
chairman of WUKO-WKF.


In December 1995(?), the seat of the "murderer" of Karate Jacques Delcourt (he was kicked out from the French federation because of economic irregularities!) took another "murderer" of Karate the Spaniard Antonio Espinos Ortoueta as new chairman of WUKO and George Yerolimpos became the general secretary. They were elected in Rio de Janeiro of Brazil (?) promising that they alone had contact with the Spaniard president of IOC Samaranh and they had "half-convinced" him  so he recognizes WUKO.

The frauds of the two new "murderers" of Karate became more audacious and extensive. They were pressing IOC to recognize only WUKO, under the false name WKF, which supposedly covers both types of Karate: "technical" of WUKO and "Traditional" of ITKF, and they were “approaching" Samaranch, well known to the internet community for his ... "unique connections".  


From 1991 up to 1999 the three "murderers" of Karate, Delcourt, Espinos and Yerolimpos deceited tenths of times IOC and ITKF until they have managed with the help of “dictator” Samaranch (worthy remain of dictator Franco) so that WUKO-WKF was recognized by IOC in June 1999.

During the same years George Yerolimpos with all his ridiculous political means (certain conscienceless politicians helped him and still are helping him even today) and with all without exception the "chicken-karateka", who appear as " monkey masters- " in Karate and support him for their own personal benefits in the HAKF, they have lost in all  courts in Greece, even in front of the Supreme Court, from the GTKF and Thimios Persidis.

Certain of the big Greeks " monkey- masters- " of Karate, who had supported for years Yerolimpos and hence are equally wholly accountable for the destruction of Karate! To their students they are appear as  … samurais and for twelve years they have been giving unrestricted authorization to all illegalities of Yerolimpos, absolute collaborators in the murder of Karate! Now they are back to zero!

The moral of the two Karate "murderers", Antonio Espinos and George Yerolimpos, was galvanized from this "half" recognition of IOC in 1999 and they have been spreading rumors  super-certain that if Karate was not chosen in the Olympics of Athens, without fail it would have been sport of demonstration! What has happened to them I would call it… "cucumber Kaliviotiko" (technical term: big and long Greek cucumber a.k.a. big hardship!) Neither in, nor demonstration sport it was!

Fouras-Exarchos-Orfanos-Karamanlis and others were and even today are the main "protectors"  of Yerolimpos for the "murder" of world Karate!!!


Then, the two "murderers" of Karate, Antonio Espinos and George Yerolimpos, started a world campain of misinformation, that supposedly ITKF is non-existent and that the WUKO-WKF is "all" of world karate with 50 millions of athletes all over the world, and as candidate sport among five candidates they tried to enter in the Olympic Family at the voting of 117th Session of IOC in Singapore, July 2005. Precisely that time … another "cucumber "came up. Karate did not assemble the essential votes in order to enter in the Olympic Games and remained out of them!


In the meanwhile and in the hellenic space, the "murderer" of world Karate George Yerolimpos, stepping for ten years on the corpse of karate  and proving simultaneously the criminal athletic corruption as much of PASOK as of New Democracy (mainly), as a political member of it, sells illegally athletic equipment to the karate federation, seized the Greek Hockey Federation (!), he entered  the Greek Olympic Committee and in the Olympic Academy via Hockey!, he founds and un-founds federations, he deceits the courts, he deceits the Greek and the International Olympic Committee, he dissolves Hockey (!), he "is planted" director of sports in "Athens 2004", he got kicked out from there for "collateral  illegal businesses for the supply of security systems" despite Karamanlis’ efforts to rescue him (!!!),  he is proved “close-bodied” with Orfanos and Karamanlis, who he deceits systematically and they sleep … “standing” (because I have written to all about him tenths of times in detail and they do not check,  though they have absolute obligation in all the Greek citizens consequently to me also,  (unless the "maxim of Bairaktaris"  applies also here!), he organises the conquest of Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC) for the sake of  the "rapacious" Orfanos, he has been appointed by his politician "protectors" paid director in the International Committee of Mediterranean Games, he enters in the HOC via the Softball and he is today member of the Executive Committee of HOC and right hand of its chairman Minos Kyriakou!!!

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Thus precisely, the New Democracy and Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis remunerates the athletic criminality against Greek citizens!!! Where are you … Papadopoylos so you can learn about … democracy!   (Papadopoulos = Greek dictator 1967-1974!)


The final result for Karate is waiting a new effort of recognition and participation after the year… 2020 until infinity and  those three murderers of Karate George Yerolimpos, Antonio Espinos Ortoueta and Jacques Delcourt  to be moraly, legally and economically accountable  to the international community of the sport, after they caused a without precedent destruction of Karate, its federations, its instructors, its athletes and sport fans!!!


Because if you see globally all this story,  these Three International Athletic Fraudsters in the substance "removed" in 1993 Karate "out" of the Olympic Games, in which it would be already IN  (if WUKO and ITKF had agreed, in 2004 in Athens Karate would be an Olympic Sport),  with sole aim to be alone themselves emperors of Karate with all the economic profits of an unverifiable world federation, and they have lost every single occasion or effort to put it in. A destruction of twenty years to infinity for a sport with such world distribution as Karate!!!


Conserning George Yerolimpos and to the climate that prevails in the WKF and EKF  I shall mention an illustrative extract from the web page of HAKF:


George Orfanos, Undersecretary of Sports in Greece.

"Solemnly  Mr George Yerolimpos the General Secretary of European Federation Karate (EKF) has been elected again and he continues holding also the two secretariats, European and World Federation Karate (WKF). 

It is worth being mentionned that Mr Yerolimpos took the 100% of votes, something which no other candidate has taken up to now. His candidature has been supported from all the 42 European federations of EKF that participated in its Congress of 12/5/2005 in Tenerifi."


In all the history of humanity …even Hitler could only exceed Yerolimpos, because for him also… deads voted! After July 2005 the web page of HAKF is silent!! Also, it is a web page that I would have made it for 200.000 Drs per year and the HAKF pays 2.000.000 Drs per year! And undersecretary Orfanos takes this money from pensioners and gives it to Yerolimpos!!! This is the athletic spirit and its "protectors"!!!


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But today and after the common decision of the 25 countries of European Union according to which the decisions of courts in a country-member of European Union become acceptable and also applicable in the 25 countries of the Union, under provision on the decision of the Supreme Court of Greece, Traditional Karate is absolutely equivalent with the Karate of WUKO also in the 25 countries of European Union and consequently IOC will NEVER dare to recognize the WKF, if WKF does not include Traditional Karate equivalently with Technical Karate!


The Prime Minister of Greece Kostas Karamanlis attempted sometimes to speak about "pimps" of the rival party, but this characterization applies in his own party!!!

This is the big achievement that Thimios Persidis and the GTKF achieved for the World Traditional Karate of the International Traditional Karate Federation!


I judge essential to denounce also here for one more time, as Greek and European Citizen, the criminal illegality of Undersecretary of Sports George Orfanos and Minister of Culture and Prime Minister of Greece Kostas Karamanlis, who do not hesitate to support the "bell-boy" of their party George Yerolimpos while not recognizing the Greek Federation of Traditional Karate violating in this way the Constitution of Greece, the laws and the decisions of Supreme Court of Greece, which as I reported are henceforth respectable in 25 countries of the United Europe!!!


In any case, I intend to take an action in justice against the  Greek "murderer” of karate George Yerolimpos for an important pecuniary compensation proportional to the damage he has inflicted to the sport, to our federation GTKF, and to my association, and I call on any Greek or foreigner from any part of the planet to unite for the same aim!



With deep Japanese bow


Thimios Persidis



  Αρχική      Επικαιρότητα      Περιεχόμενα ΕΛΟΚ / WKF .