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m - ITKF & ETKF = International Traditional Karate Federation & European Traditional Karate Federation

ma -  I.T.K.F. - Organization - Members

1311 -  ITKF Organization

mb -  I.T.K.F. - World Championships

1321 - Greece in International Championships

10,11/03/90 - 5th World Traditional Karate Championships, Lima, Peru

30/11/92 - 6th World Traditional Karate Championships, Montreal, Canada

14,15/10/94 - 7th World Traditional Karate Championships, Treviso, Italy

22-24/11/96  8th World Traditional Karate Championships, Sao Paulo, Brazil

9,10/10/98 - 9th World Traditional Karate Championships, Warsaw-Pruszkow, Poland

13,14/10/2000 - 10th World Traditional Karate Championships, Bologna, Italy

12,13/10/02 - 11th World Traditional Karate Championships, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

8,9/11/04 - 12th World Traditional Karate Championships, Davos, Switzerland.

mc -  E.T.K.F. - Organization - Members

1331 - ETKF Organization

md -  E.T.K.F. - European Championships

19-21/06//98 - 19th European Traditional Karate Seniors Championships, Caorle, Italy

14/11/98 - 4th European Traditional Karate Juniors / Cadets Championships, Skopje, FYROM

31/05/02 - European Traditional Karate Championships: Seniors 23rd, and Juniors / Cadets 6th, Moskwa, Russia.

21, 22/06/03 - European Traditional Karate Championships: Seniors 24th, and Juniors / Cadets 7th, Vilnius, Lithuania.

26,27/06/04 - European Traditional Karate Championships: Seniors 25th, and  Juniors / Cadets 8th, Skopia, FYROM

4,5/06/05 - European Traditional Karate Championships: Seniors 26th, and  Juniors / Cadets 9th, Cosicua, Malta

me -  B.T.K.F. - Organization - Members

1351 -  BTKF Organization

mf -  B.T.K.F. - Balkan Championships

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